Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Evolution of Foundation for Women of Colour (Dark skin)

Photo Credit- Tolu

Over time, beauty brands are beginning to extend their colour ranges to suit all races unlike not so long ago, finding foundation for dark skin was almost impossible..

I remember a time when the powders that existed for dark skin tone was almost like clay colour, giving you that orange tone with the likes of 'sweet sixteen'...oh my mum used that powder a lot. We would call it 'brown powder' or pancake....

If I remember correctly, Avon was about the only brand I saw that had much of a semblance to what we have now for dark skin tone. I had an Aunt that used to bring Avon with her whenever she came visiting from the States. 

Fast forward to the 2000s and it is a different atmosphere entirely. You would find big and small brands, from the expensive to the inexpensive with a broad spectrum of shades formulated to fit dark skin tones. You can find this in Elizabeth Arden, Revlon, MAC, Lancome, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Maybelline, and the list is just endless..

Irrespective of this long list, a lot of women are still searching for that perfect foundation blend. We all want that perfect shade and finishing, that suits our skin type be it oily or dry, that would last all day and has skin care properties eg SPF, anti-ageing etc.. As for me I don't really think such perfect foundation exists, please I stand to be corrected if wrong, but you might find something close enough to what you are searching for.

But the god news is that, no matter what your skin tone looks like, be it as dark as Lupita Nyong or as light as Kerry Washington, your colour match exists out there.

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