Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Let's Talk Lashes....

Hello Everyone,

So I worked on this amazing lady recently on a playful shoot.(I call it playful, cuz we were just lazying around having fun and playing makeup). She had the longest lashes I have ever come across. I tried fixing and I realised her lashes were same length with the false lashes, so we both agree to take it off. She said sometimes the lashes get into her eyes and she is always so tempted to trim them, I think they would only just grow longer if she does(but not sure)

I personally do not have that great a lash, they are short and scattered all over. If I have to use a mascara, the mascara brush must be small so it can get into my lash properly. So I decided to research on how to groom your lashes and these are my findings:

  • Avoid rubbing your eyes, it can damage your lashes and irritate the follicles, causing hairs to bend or fall. So in her situation, who knows maybe thats why the lashes gets into her eyes alot. 
  • Wash your face daily, focusing on cleaning around your eyes. Use a gently face soap or moisturizing wipes to clear around your eyes and eye-lashes, removing dirt, and oil, for healthy and shiny lashes. 
  • Wear less mascara. If you wear mascara every day, your eyelashes won't grow as thick and full as they would otherwise because your hair needs to breathe. For best results, wear it occasionally. You can also purchase mascaras made of more gentle, less artificial ingredients that won't harm your eyelashes as much.(it just might be expensive) and also its better to go for something temporary that you can take off at night, not those lashes we get to fix under the bridge and clogs of makeup falls on top making it look tacky and unsafe.
  • When you do wear mascara, always take it off before you go to bed. Use a gentle makeup remover or moisturizer with cotton pads to completely but gently remove all traces from your eyes.
  • Don't pump your mascara frequently, as it can cause it to dry out. If it is crusty or past the expiration date, through it out.
  • Never share mascara, as it transfers oil and potentially bacteria from one eye to another.(Highly important)
  • Gently massage petroleum jelly through your lashes every night before bed. If your eyelashes feel dry or you feel they aren't growing fast enough, you can try carefully moisturizing them with Vaseline before you go to bed. This helps heal any irritations and encourages growth.
So I am going to give this a try, maybe my lashes can grow to an impressive length and I won't have to wear false lashes that often anymore. Feel free to try this grooming exercise and please share your results.


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