Thursday, October 22, 2015

Contouring: The Craze

Contouring- This is a trend that has gone really viral with the help of social media. You see alot of it on peoples random selfies, you come across a lot of tutorials on 'how to contour your face' and now makeup brand s have developed contour kits specially formulated for this trend. Some say it has existed for quite some time, and Kim kardashian made popular, this might be true, I really don't know.

What do I think about this new craze, it's not like my opinion matters much, but I would still talk. I feel it is over hyped and it's just too much products on your face. Our weather in this parts is just not so makeup friendly, we have more summers/hot days than the cool weather. So when you contour, and your face secrets oil under this heat, it doesn't look nice after awhile.Contouring is really helpful for make-up artists. Maybe for editorial shoots and pictures purposes, it would go well. But you are going for an event, or you are a bride, I don't think so. It's more of a professional tool than a trend that everyone should adapt if you get what I mean. It requires a person who really gets it.

It's not like I'm totally against it, as a make-up artist, if you ask me to contour, I would do it, cuz it is what you want, but I would let you know if it is what you need at the moment or not. I personally do not contour on myself(I hardly even wear foundation, got a flawless face...*battling eyelids*

The long and short of this post is, if you can achieve the perfect contour without people knowing you did, then kudos to you. Take a cue from Kim Kardashian.

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