Thursday, September 10, 2015

For Ladies with Dreadlocks....

Hi Everyone,

So every time I go into the salon to get my dreads treated and styled, my stylist would ask me, what style I want and I just go blank, then I end up opting for just a few strands out in front and some style of some sort at the back like you see in the picture below. So I decided to browse and look for styles out there and here are the amazing styles I came up with:

That's me- for those that do not know I wear dreads and I just felt like showing my fine face and cute smile..*winks*

Very daring I would say...

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She is cute and I love the color of her hair...might try this

Love the color as well

Simply adorable, who says kids cannot look good in dreads??..

simply captivating

The color is something else

This I am definitely trying

Guys are not left out..
So what do you think?, share your dreadlocks styles here aswell.

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