Monday, March 9, 2015

Makeup How To- Trio Liner Step by Step Instructions

Hi everyone.

Here is a little DIY makeup tutorial for us to try. Give it a try, send me your results.
  1. Using the blue pencil; Start from inside the corner of the eye, draw a straight thick line and towards the end apply triangle into the corner of the eye and then blending it in with the straight line.
  2. With a thin brush, place a thick black line over the blue but not covering the outside of the blue line.
  3. Use the gold pencil to cover the bottom eyelid and leaving a little bit of space for the blue to fill in.

Trace a Straight Liner line with Aqua Eyes 
Trace a Cat Liner line with a Gel liner
                        Apply Aqua Eyes #17L from the outer corner to the center along the base of the lower lashes
With Aqua Eyes #11L, take up the line from the inner corner to the center of the eye, joining the two lines to obtain a full one.

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