Monday, September 29, 2014

Hi Guys

Hi everyone,

Wow, it's been a fulfilling and extremely busy 2014 for me. The last time I blogged was in March, reasons being that, I have been so busy being pregnant, travelling, having my baby and working aswell. All these hasn't given me much time to sit in front of a computer to blog.

I took up a new job early this year which has been quite demanding of my time (yes I do not work as a full time makeup artist, wish I could, but my bills are more than what makeup allowance provides). Along the line, I got pregnant with my first kid(very exciting feeling),

and you all know how it is the first few months. Then I took a trip to the United States to have the baby, and as of today, I am still in the US, can't wait to be back though. Had my beautiful princes(pictures u will see) sometimes in August (whew!!....what an experience).
Meet Ogheneteri Oluwasimisola Uwhubetine

So that pretty much sums up my whole year. A big thank you to everyone that kept viewing my blog, and sent me messages to check up on me. Also a big thank you to the few clients that still sort me out online(You guys are the best).

And now, I am back fully to my old self, well a bit of my old self, and I would try to always post something.



  1. Congrats to u Tolu and welcome to this beautiful world sweet baby
    May her life on earth be fruitful and fulfilled. Amen