Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fixed up my Broken Pressed Powder

Hi everyone,

Remember I said I was going to share pictures of what I come up with after based on what I learnt online, , well here they are. I forgot to take pictures of the broken powder, but this are the pictures of the result I got after using the rubbing alcohol.....
sprayed the alcohol on it.

dried up look. (I wasn't so neat about it though)

It actually worked, I was able to salvage what was left of my powder. And it still came out with the same effect on the face.....*am happy*

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hegai & Esther Presents it's end of year Clearance sale...

A little over a decade ago when I started my career in makeup artistry a lot of things just weren't right. Brides didn't see the need for the services of a mua when their aunties were on ground to apply powder on their faces; advertising agencies didn't see why they should pay muas reasonably well for being on set for hours ensuring that  models looked great in their pictures...times were hard!
But these problems were little compared to the one of sourcing for makeup products and tools. At that time muas were at the mercy of whatever cosmetics dealers in Nigeria had to offer...kudos to Kuddy Cosmetics! There were limits to what we could get to buy, pro makeup products and tools were not accessible, and the few available ones were either substandard or cut throat expensive.

Today, this is the niche that Hegai & Esther fills: providing all sorts of top quality makeup tools to muas and makeup enthusiasts in an accessible and affordable manner. And to further our vision we recently introduced our yearly clearance sale which ultimately is about giving every makeup artist the opportunity to have those makeup tools in our stock that they've been yearning for. We want to encourage every aspiring mua to jump start her career, and we also want to make it easier for pro muas to stock up on their existing tools. 

It isn't so much as a profit making venture for us at Hegai & Esther but rather a way of giving back to all our customers who have been so gracious to us all year round.

It starts on the 13th of November all the way to the 22nd of December. Tools ranging from makeup cases, brushes, apparel, disposables, gel eyeliner, etc will be sold at rock bottom prices. 

H&E is saying don't miss out on this opportunity to have makeup tools which ordinarily would have cost a fortune and time to possess. This definitely is a Christmas to look forward to!

* * * * * *

So guys, let's not miss out on this opportunity.....I am definitely going to be shopping..(you know I like awuff...*winks*

Monday, November 4, 2013

Heidi Klum Aged 40 Years for Halloween

Heidi Klum had jaws hitting the floor as she appeared as an octogenarian at her annual All Hallows Eve event.

Partygoers at New York City's Marquee nightclub couldn't believe that the elderly woman who walked in with a cane was really Klum, 40. The aging process was an all day experience, which Klum, in typical fashion, tweeted about as she went.

At the helm of her remarkable transformation were makeup maestros Bill Corso and Mike Marino who aged her with miraculous precision -- even adding varicose veins to her legs and dead ringer crepe-iness to her neck.

I have to give it to her and her makeup team, they did a fantastic job in the transformation. For a fashion diva, she's got quite an interesting sense of humour.

DIY - How to Fix a Broken Pressed Powder or Blush

Hello Everyone,

I know that heartbreaking feeling or moment you experience when your compact powder or blush or even shadow falls to the ground and breaks into pieces. It not only breaks, then it just messes up your makeup purse. I have experienced it so often myself, as a matter of fact just yesterday, and my state of upset made me go research on if there was a way to salvage this broken (expensive) product. Training as a MUA, there was no where in my training that I was thought how to sort issues like this out, and I am sure that applies to most of you aswell. So thanks to the internet, I was able to find quite a lot of interesting articles that help solve this issue. So I have decided to share it with you guys, I haven't tried it yet, but would do that soon and share the pictures of what I come up with....

So before tossing your broken beauty products, try these quick, cheap solutions.......

All you really need is a mascara tube (or anything with a small flat surface), rubbing alcohol, and the broken pressed powder you want to fix.

Step 1: Crush the powder.

You want to break up all the solid pieces to make your pressed powder into loose powder. You won't need to transfer the powder anywhere, just crush the powder while it's in the pan. Take your mascara tube and crush whatever solid pieces are left to create a powder.

Step 2: Add the rubbing alcohol.

Take some rubbing alcohol(make sure it's %70) and add some to the loose powder. This will make a paste. Add enough alcohol so that all the powder is covered (but be careful not to add too much).

Step 3: Wait.

Let it dry. The alcohol will evaporate leaving you with a pressed solid. Be sure to leave it overnight with the lid open. This will help it dry faster.

Step 4: Spruce it up.

Make it pretty. This step is optional. Once the powder is dry, you want to clean up the edges of the pan and the packaging. You can use a Q-tip and some rubbing alcohol. This is more for aesthetics.

And they say, it's that simple.

Pics courtesy - google images