Monday, October 21, 2013

Steps to Creating the Perfect Eyeliner Flick...

A lot of us ladies, find achieving the eyeliner flick a bit challenging, we believe it can only be achieved by makeup artists. But the reality of it is, it can be done, however, if you know some handy tricks. So try these eyeliner flick tips for a fabulous look.....
The Steps...
  1. Apply the liner with a steady hand. If your hand tends to be a bit wobbly when putting on makeup, then try lean your elbow on a table. This makes application a lot easier and reduces the chances of having to wipe off your liner and start again...(which can be very annoying)
  2. Switch to liquid or Gel liners, they are smoother than pencils and don't drag on your eyes when applying and they make the flick easier to do...
  3. Mark the point on the outside edge of your eye where you want your flick to end. Make sure that the point is slightly up from the corner of your eye. Repeat this on the other eye so they both have even lengths.
  4. Draw a thin line from the center of your upper lashline to the outer corner, curving it upward at the end toward your temple. Repeat with a line directly above, then fill in any gaps between the two lines. 
  5. Start light. Don't try to draw in a thick line, as the chances are high that it'll end up going wrong. It's better to start by drawing thinner lines, as you can always add more depth.
  6. However careful you are, there are times when your flick goes wrong. Always have cotton swabs(it allows you to remove tiny areas rather than the whole liner) and eye makeup remover handy, so that you can fix any mistakes. 

So let's give it a try, and see if we are able to achieve this. And if we somehow couldn't, then feel free to call on me to come help out at a small token...*winks*. Hope you guys like the new look of my blog? I have been getting reviews asking me to change the outlook for awhile now, and I have been a bit reluctant, but I finally have yielded, so I hope you guys like it. I might still go back to my former outlook, but enjoy this. 


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