Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Makeup Inspiration......

Hi Everyone,

I had a shoot awhile ago with Mr Hakeem Salaam of HSP Studios and I decided to share with you all. It was a fun shoot and the model we worked with was exceptionally pleasant and she smiled quite alot making the whole shoot so much fun. I realized after getting married that the traditional attire I wore (Purple Sanya Aso-Oke) was just wasting away in my wardrobe some where, so I decided to uproot it out and use it for this shoot. Unfortunately, the buba could not size her, cuz I was a size 10(back about a size 12 now *coveringface*) and the model is a size 6.

Anyways, enjoy...and you can give your constructive criticisms on what I could have done better.....

 View more lovely pictures after the break.....

 Products Used-

  • Iman Time Control-Under Cover Agent - To prep her face.
  • Black Opal Foundation- Beautiful Bronze shade.
  • Orekelewa by Tara Powder Palette- Color 45

  • Davis Brown Pencil - Color 18
  • Orekelewa Eyeshadow Primer
  • NYX Jumbo Pencil - Silver
  • Sleek Divine Palette - Purple
  • Mascara-Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express
  • Revelon Color Stay Liquid Liner
Lip 1 - Avon Lip liner + a sheer Pink lipgloss ( can't remember the brand)
Lip 2 - MAC Candy Yum Yum + Ruby Woo

So what do you think?....

Photography - HSP Studios
Model - Kemi Oloyede


  1. Me likey, I think you did a good job, maybe just perfect ur brows more. *constructive criticism shey*...

    1. thanks for the criticism, will work harder at it...i never sabi am

  2. nice one dear. And please get back to me as per my requests...

  3. Nice job Tolu,I love the color of her lip especially in the first picture and your blog is quite nice.

  4. stumbled on this blog by chance, she's pretty and has the cutest smile.....your work is nice.

  5. Brows and blush needs to be worked on! Too much blush and brows aint dome properly! Bad picture editing too she looks oily!

    1. Points well taken.... Thanks for visiting my blog, please be sure to visit another time....

  6. @anonymous - 7.39am next time put your name. I am surprised she even published the comment sef.

  7. lol..@Taiwo, I published the comment cuz I asked for the criticism right, so I have to learn to deal with what I get dished. Moreover, never said I was perfect in the art, i learn new things everyday...but thanks for backing me up...xoxo