Thursday, July 25, 2013

Toning, Bleaching Creams, Skin Lightening?????

Recently, I have noticed that the new trend going on among Nigerian ladies is toning. Most ladies are trying to get that spotless, even and light skin and the processes they go through can be very expensive and interesting. Back in the days, it was referred to as 'bleaching', but now the process has been

Ladies use toning creams to brighten or maintain the skin complexion and in some cases to make the skin glow. But lately I have noticed that to get a fairer skin, it's the entire skin that gets bleached.

The new trend now is the Egyptian salts, Egyptian milk - Kamana and the likes of it.

Creams with hydroquinone is a strong inhibitor of melanine production, the substance that is responsible for dark skin color. It’s been banned in many countries including Nigeria because of its risk of causing skin cancer.

Now ladies who want to go lighter go for Egyptian Milk otherwise known as Kamana Egyptian milk. Another option is the Glutanova injections which gives a whiter skin while removing all kinds of blemishes like scars and pigmentation.

There other products out there that ladies also use, if they can't afford the Egyptian milks and the rest and these products also give good results according to reviews online. There are: Makari, Meladerm, Skin Success....etc.... but the question for me, is how healthy are they? I'll probably never know since I don't use them, so I can't give reviews, but if you have used it, and it worked for you, your comments are most welcomed. Why can't we be okay with the complexion of our skins, why do we have to go through the hassles of becoming 'oyibos'. And if in the feature complications arise, then story would change. After Egyptian milk what next, Kalahari sand, or Bar beach water????....

I ran into a friend recently, I knew her as a dark complexioned person, but that was like 10 years back, but seeing her the other day, she was white looking, I had walked past her without realising who she was, she had to call my name to draw my attention. (the babe don turn oyibo finish o). Well who am i to judge abi, whatever rocks her boat and every other lady out there. To be sincere, she looked quite good and, i guess being light pays of sha....


  1. the rate girls are trying to become yellow is simply It just doesnt make sense.

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  3. Yh like u said,wteva floats their boat...besides if ur getting lighter makes u look mre attractive and gives u a better sense of self worth with zero downside, by all means ,y d hell not?!

  4. we all know that bleaching isn't the best way to look pretty, its just what people believe it will make you look more noticeable which is correct, but I cant say its wrong but it depends how you do it and that's what matters more, you could be a little brighter and still look pretty but going all the way bleaching isn't a good idea, and the best way to prevent skin issues is to remain with organic and natural products(DARLINGS SKINCARE INTL)