Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Creativity at it's best - View the Pre-Wedding shoot for Adenike Adejobi and Tunji Abiola

Hey guys,

It's my cousin's wedding this coming Saturday happening live in the city of Abeokuta, and I just had to share their very creative Pre-wedding shoot. What makes it intriguing for me is the concept behind the shoot. It sways away from the usual garden setting shoots and depicts more of the Yoruba cultural heritage. The background color effects makes it so old school. It's beautifully captured

Have a sneak peek at the photos from their very unconventional pre-wedding photo shoot.....

Congratulations to the soon to be newly weds......
view more pics after the cut.....

Photography by - ImageKraft
Styling by - The couple 


  1. This is a really nice concept. So traditional and cultural....

  2. The guys face looks very familiar. nice pictures sha

  3. wow, this is really kool. am gonna be copying their concept, if i can find a good location here in the uk

  4. Wonderful!! I so much love their style