Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ankara Accessories - My New Found Vocational Skill

Hey guys, so I wanted to share a bit on my newly acquired skills. Here I am always trying my hands out on new things. I guess I just hate being bored and since I am not exactly the bookwarm type that writes one exam after the other, my only consolation is to do something creative and useful with my brain and hands. And this led me to this new skill. A lot of people are already into it, but no harm in joining the band wagon abi?

So here are a few pictures of what I am talking about - Ankara Accessories, please feel free to share your opinion and if you like them, you can make orders aswell, they come very affordable.....

That's me rocking one of my pieces
So what do you guys think?.... Still intend to add more to my vocational skill sha. I must hammer in this my life time now

Playing with color – three unusual makeup ideas for bold, creative ladies

I feel that sometimes in order to be in tune with fashion, sometimes we have to experiment. Those of you who are afraid of nothing can create and enjoy unique and interesting designs of makeup.


Unusual and unexpected colors, boldness, unquenchable thirst for experimenting – this is the true love of makeup. You only need to overcome your shyness and you will be inspired. There is no rule on colors which cannot be successfully broken with a little imagination.

Speaking of bold, rich colors, here are the top three: Green, Pink and Gold.

If you’re dreaming of glamour and extravagance, think gold, burgundy or dark green.

You can create depth using matted colors or “frost” your makeup with brilliant shine.

To draw attention to the lips, give them color! Bright red and hot pink give character to your makeup.

Introducing Shils Flavour & Store

Are you a career woman with a  demanding job schedule, and find it stressful to cook at home because of time? Are you a bachelor looking to eat some good home meal? Or do you simply just want home made meal in various delicacies made for you? Then worry no more and let Shils Flavour & Store do the worrying for you.

Contact them for your varieties of meals ranging from Efo riro, Egusi Soup, Peppersoup, Ogbona, Beef stew, Shrimps Sauce and so many other palatable delicacies you can think of.

The meals are prepared in an hygienic environment and we do door to door delivery which can be your office or home.

She's the face behind the company.

We also have for sale various cooking & baking ingredients which we can deliver to you on orders.

Contact details:
Address: 32 Olokunola Street,Solebo Estate, Ikorodu Lagos
Tel:  08033283490

Note: For anyone that calls from Tolu Makeovers blog, you get a discount on meals ordered. This offer is till end of June 2013.
* * * * * * * * *

Didnt really think anyone would take me up on the offer of free advert on this blog. So I am kind of excited that I am getting positive feedback. atleast that way I know people view my blog. *big smile*

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hey Guys

If you have a product or service you would like to promote or just simply want to advertise on this beautiful blog of mine, please feel free to buzz me up and guess what? It's absolutely free......but you have to follow the blog first...*winks*.

Send me a mail with your details: or just add my BB pin it's listed on my complete profile section.

Picture of the Day.....

Seriously, is this how it comes? *singing*....with your Peruvian hair, Brazilian hair... 

Creativity at it's best - View the Pre-Wedding shoot for Adenike Adejobi and Tunji Abiola

Hey guys,

It's my cousin's wedding this coming Saturday happening live in the city of Abeokuta, and I just had to share their very creative Pre-wedding shoot. What makes it intriguing for me is the concept behind the shoot. It sways away from the usual garden setting shoots and depicts more of the Yoruba cultural heritage. The background color effects makes it so old school. It's beautifully captured

Have a sneak peek at the photos from their very unconventional pre-wedding photo shoot.....

Congratulations to the soon to be newly weds......
view more pics after the cut.....

Sunday, April 14, 2013

“Pikin Na Blessing” – Watch Ife Salako’s Short Documentary “Bless-In”

This documentary produced and directed by a very good friend of mine - Ife Salako, focuses on population explosion. What determines the number of children have? Is it finances, religion or socio-cultural beliefs? In trying to unravel why people have the number of children they have, the director interviews a diverse number of Nigerians. He tries to expose the cause and effect of having too many children.

Please watch the video.....or visit the link below:

New video from PSY titled - GENTLEMAN

The singer PSY has released another single with enough dance styles like his previous video - Gangnam Style. This new video is titled 'Gentleman'

Product Review - Revlon 3D Extreme Mascara

Hey guys, so I said a while back, that i was going to be writing reviews on cosmetic products I have used or picking from reviews from you all out there. I actually I haven't been followed up on that have I?.....well now I intend to.... here is my review based on my own personal experience with Revlon 3D Extreme Mascara. 
For years I have not been loyal to a single mascara, I try different types trying to find that perfect one that would work for me. and when I say perfect, I mean the mascara that would meet the following criteria's:
  1. My lashes are scanty and quite short, so I want to look almost like I have on false eyelashes, in all length and fullness.
  2. I want my mascara to be easy to remove. I want to be able to remove my mascara easily with eye makeup remover in 1-2 swipes or wash my face and I should not be waking up with smudges under my eyes.
  3. The brushes should be small enough to get into my lashes without smudging my lids and spoiling my makeup application.
  4. And it should be affordable. (trust me now, I like cheap
So having said that, I came upon this Revlon 3D mascara at a cosmetic store and my first use was exactly what i have actually been searching for.

  • The Revlon brush is small which makes application easy for lashes like mine.
  • It makes my lashes look longer and thicker giving it that false eyelash look I actually want. The bristles are put together in little clusters that are spaced apart from each other which I've found is quite ideal when you are looking for volume. It does a great job for giving volume to lashes, however,some people might be displeased with how this mascara can clump lashes together.
  • And washing my face at night, it comes of easily unlike some other mascara's I have used that would clog on your lashes and form thick layers.
  • The black of the mascara is quite thick so making the color black pop on your lashes.
  • You don't need to apply too many coats to get the desired effect. For me, one coat is enough.
  • And guess what, it's very affordable.....*winks*
So in conclusion, it works for me exactly as I want it to. If you feel otherwise, please comment and share your experience.....
That's me with the effects of the mascara on my lashes...

Tips on Makeup Application........

we all know that applying makeup can tend to be a tricky business especially if you do not know the subtleties of the art. So below you will find some tips on how to successfully create a beautiful image for yourself.
  • Going overboard with the tweezing can lead to exhaustion of the eyebrows and create “bald patches”, in which hair does not grow back. Use gel containing wheat protein to stimulate their growth.
  • Morning showers are great but successive exposure to warm water and cold air can make the skin tough. It is one of its protection mechanisms. Always hydrate your skin after taking a shower. 
  • Keep your eyes open when applying eye-liner. This way the lines will not become crooked. At first apply three firm strokes – to the outer corner of the eye, the middle and then the inner corner. Connect the three lines with one more layer of eye-liner.
  • In order to prevent eye-shadows from becoming runny, dry the surface of the eyelids as much as you can before applying them. Use foundation or eyeshadow primer as a base.
  • The skin on the neck ages differently than facial skin and is not as easily influenced by scrubs and laser therapy. Experts say that the best thing you can do for it is to sit up with your neck straight. I don't know how true this is, but there is no harm in trying.
  • If the label of one product promises a certain visible effect, which you cannot see after the first few applications, then don’t use it. It's as simple as that.
  • If you have not had enough sleep, your face will certainly reflect that. Nothing refreshes the face like the appropriate blush. Use cream blush with red or pink undertones. Apply it to the protruding part of the cheek bone. Top it off with powder.
So I hope this helps........*winks*


Nigerian Design label Chidinma Obairi presents its Spring/Summer ’13 Collection Lookbook - Sequins, Crystals & Silk

I was looking for Nigerian designers and I stumbled on this person on Bella Naija website. It's amazing what our designers are doing this days, we are making clothes like never seen before. What remains is for it to be readily available in retail stores as we have of the foreign labels. My only concern is the pricing for now, they come rather expensive, but I totally understand that production and labour in this parts don't come cheap, so all that, has to be factored into pricing.

Here is Chidinma Obairi's Timeless 2013 collection: 

view more designs after the cut.....

Tinsel Star Tomi Odunsi in her Chic New Photo Shoot

cover art for her new single

Photography by Obi Somto
Photography Assistant - Odusami Ademola
Styling by Sharon Ojong for D.E.E.V.A.S.
Make-up by Noneso for Enai Contours

Culled from - bellanaija

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Basic elements of makeup

The basic elements of makeup are seven.


It could be liquid, solid or cream and it should be as close to your complexion as possible. Its quality should be the highest you can afford. Powder, whether compact or non-compact should also be of the highest quality in order to remain on the face longer.


Concealer should be a tone or two lighter than the foundation.


It can be bronzed to give you a natural look, or colorful for special effects. If you are new to makeup, you should know that the gentle colors in the bronze range are easiest to combine.


It makes the eyes look larger. The color of mascara, suitable for all eye colors (brown, green, black and blue) is black.

Eye shadows

The color of eye shadows should be in accordance with your clothes, skin complexion and eye color.


Eyeliner can be either pencil or liquid. Its purpose is to make your eyes stand out and to give them more expression.


This is the final touch for every makeup. It has to be coordinated in color and texture with every other element. Lipstick can make your lips look fuller or thinner.

Culled from: makeupsjournal