Saturday, February 16, 2013

R. I. P Goldie Harvey

The valentines day started out quite cool for alot of us, but towards the end of the day, we were all thrown into a sad state with the loss of a very talented, creative and vibrant singer - Susan Adebimpe Harvey also known as Goldie. As a makeup artist, I always admired her creativity with her looks, she was one of the few artists that always put dramatic into her looks, I was hoping to someday be opportuned to make her up for one of her shoots, but unfortunately, death snatched her away rather too quickly.

She'll definitely be missed by alot of her fans, and my deepest condolence goes to her family and close friends. Its like when a celebration comes up, i get the news of someone dying. I also lost my Godmother on valentines day, lost a close uncle on Christmas day and couple of years back lost my dad in the new year season....tragic right??...well in all things we should continually thank God.

Here are some of Goldie's beautiful and creative looks....

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