Sunday, August 19, 2012

What Does Your Lingerie Color Say About You?

Brighter Smile, Better Breath

There is nothing worse than opening your mouth to start a conversation only to find that the person you’re addressing can smell your words before they hear them. Bad breath is a social no-no.

Here are some tips to avoid those bad breaths:
  • Brush after Eating Dairy & Protein e.g Fish, Eggs etc.. 
  • Avoid Smoking
  • Eat an orange! The citric acid stimulates the salivary glands and encourages the flow of breath-freshening saliva.
  • If you forget your toothbrush…, carrots and apples can help. They contain fibers that get into the crevices between teeth and clean them by acting like miniature toothbrushes.
  • Stop smoking or chewing tobacco-based products
  • Drink plenty of water. Not only will water help prevent dehydration, but you’ll be saving your breath in the process.
  • Use a Tongue Scraper-You’ll have no idea how many germs are lurking on your tongue until you use a tongue scraper. Removing the white residue on your tongue can help keep your breath fresh and clean for the long-term
  • And you might want to stock up on Sugar free minty chewing gums. They always come in handy.
I hope this helps, cuz bad breath is a huge turn off......

Source: clutchmagonline

Fashion Moments @ The Olympics Closing Ceremony

Naomi Campbell walking the walk

Mel B - Scary Spice

Spice Girls

Janelle Monáe Named The New Face of CoverGirl

CoverGirl just announced they’ve named Janelle Monáe as their newest face, Vogue reports. Monáe’s beauty feels very natural, effortless and refreshing so it’s wonderful to see her acknowledged by the corporate beauty industry.

The 26 year-old singer opened up toVogue about her new role as spokesperson, even sharing the Covergirl products she uses on herself:

Monáe looks forward to inspiring women to find their own beauty and strength, saying: “I believe in the idea of every woman finding their own beauty superpowers. I want to help redefine what it means to be a strong woman in the music and fashion worlds.”

She joins Pink as one of the newer faces of CoverGirl. 


Miss China WenXia Yu Wins the 2012 Miss World Crown

23 year old aspiring music teacher WenXia Yu from the People’s Republic of China won the 2012 Miss World competition which took place at the Dongsheng Fitness Center Stadium in Ordos, China today.This year, 116 beauties from all over the world congregated in China for the competition.
Miss Wales Sophie Moulds took the first runner-up spot while Australian beauty queen Jessica Kahawaty was the second runner-up.

Inside Squareville - Psquare Mansion

Peter Okoye uploaded photos from inside his 'Squareville' home on Instagram