Thursday, May 10, 2012

Over Plucked Eyebrows.......

This is something a lot of we ladies suffer from, and once we try to grow them back, they just don't look as good as you want them too. And you end up having one eyebrow different from the other. Me for one, am affected by this.

Here is an article we can all learn from:

Can over tweezed brows ever grow back?

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This is one of the most questions often asked by women who have accidental cases of over plucked eyebrows. Majority of women complain that after over plucking their eyebrows, the eyebrows have stopped growing back and remained diminished. Thus, the salons and the beauty experts advice to be content with the eyebrow pencils in the meanwhile to fill up the scanty hair in the eyebrows till there is a regrowth of hair. The scientific reason behind this stunned growth of hair after over plucking puts forward that the hair follicles face diminution due to over plucking.

As a consequence, the new hair that grow after that are always finer and thinner and smaller in size, making the eyebrows appear almost bald. Majority of the cases witness regrowth of the eyebrows even after this stage, although after prolonged period of time and patience. But there are extremely rare cases of threading and waxing of the eyebrows when the process of epilating is so forceful that the hair follicles are permanently damaged or scarred. This is a stage when there is very less hope of the eyebrows growing back as original again. What is worst to know is that there is no hair transplantation or treatment available so far that can promise regrowth of eyebrows that have completely damaged hair shafts.

Fixes for over tweezed brows

a. Refrain yourself totally from plucking or tweezing your eyebrows for at least two months. Give enough time to your eyebrows to regrow back in full shape. In between the time if your eyebrows appear uneven, never ever think of plucking or tweezing them at all.

b. Once after two months, when you can feel that your eyebrows are growing back full again and it is finally the time for shaping up your eyebrows, avoid going for eyebrow waxing or threading. Only depend upon tweezers to pull off the extra hair around the eyebrows and help the brows retain their shape gradually.

c. If the over plucking is so intense that there is literally no hair left in your eyebrows then you can use eyebrow stencils to create painted eyebrows. Hold the eyebrow stencils in the position of the eyebrows and fill up the gap in between by putting short and firm stokes with your eye pencil. For a more natural look select the color of the eye pencil that will be a shade lighter than your hair color.

d. Be kind to your tortured eyebrows for the time being. The eyebrow piercing, eyebrow tattoos might be really exciting and temp you a lot. But the wise man’s suggestions is to stay away from all those for at least six months till your eyebrows regrow back and become healthy again. Opting for these eyebrow styles before that recommended period can permanently affect the already damaged hair follicles of your eyebrow. Consequently, you might loose any hope of further regrowth as a result too.
Source: Beautyramp.

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