Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How to Apply False Lashes

Since I am in the spirit of giving out free lashes, let's talk about how to apply them.  False lashes are gives a luscious look that our real lashes even with the aid of mascara can not achieve. Alot of times, we shy away from them because we believe that the application process is tedious and tiring, but it isn't that difficult at all.

False lashes come in two major types, individual lashes and strip lashes. For this section, I'll talk on the strip lashes, cuz they are faster to apply and it can be re-used again. Also its easy to remove after useage.

Here is a step to step application process:-

Time required: 10-15 minutes

Resources required:

Fake eyelashes - Strip lashes
Eyelash glue


1. Trim the fake eyelash as per your wish

The length of the fake eyelashes available in the market is much longer than you actually require. This is because different people want different different look and this extra length of the eyelash provides them the flexibility to trim the fake eyelash as per their wish. You also have to trim the eyelashes so they fit your eye length. Cut the eyelashes in half if you prefer a less dramatic look and apply these fake eyelashes only on the outer corners of your eyes.

2. Apply a light strip eyelash glue on the fake eyelash

The fake eyelash cannot stay at its place by its own, you have to use the eyelash glue. The eyelash glue is applied as a light strip along the base of the trimmed eyelashes. However, don't just place these fake eyelashes immediately after applying the glue, you have to let it dry for about 10 to 15 seconds before it becomes ready to be placed.

3. Place the fake eyelashes at the required place

Using tweezers, grip one set of the fake eyelashes. Tweezers provide you a better grip while holding fake eyelashes rather than holding by hands, so that you can place the eyelashes precisely at the place where you want it to be. Using the tweezers, place the fake eyelashes as close to the base of your own eyelashes as possible. Starting from the outer corner of the eyelashes, you have to work your way slowly towards the middle followed by the inner corner. However, the eyelash glue will take some time before it becomes firm enough to hold the eyelash at its place, so, you have to hold the eyelashes in its place for about 15 seconds so that they are firm and will not fall off.

4. Apply a coat of mascara

The newly placed fake eyelashes will not appear to be natural until you blend them with your own eyelashes. This 'blending' can be done with the help of mascara. Apply a coat of mascara on the entire length of your eyelashes including the real and the fake ones. This will give you a more natural look. Use a black eyeliner if you come across any sort of gaps in between.

Frequently asked question:

Q. How can I remove fake eyelashes?

  • Use a washcloth to apply warm water to your eye area. Hold this cloth for some time. This is done in order to soften the glue which was applied on the fake eyelashes.
  • Try gently pulling a few of the fake eyelashes using the tweezers. However, if you still face difficulty in removing them because of the glue, then move on to the next step.
  • Using a cotton ball, apply some olive oil or mineral based makeup remover. Keep your eyes closed and then place this cotton ball along the line of your eyelashes. The glue gets removed completely because of this, thus making it easier to remove the fake eyelashes.
  • Gently peel away the fake eyelashes using the tweezers. However, be careful that you don't tug on them, otherwise, you can remove your natural eyelashes also.
Quick Tips

  • It becomes harder to remove them, if you sleep in fake eyelashes.Things to watch out for:
  • Be careful that you don't use too much glue, otherwise, it might get into your eyes. If it happens then wash your eyes immediately.
  • Always clean with gentle soap and water if you are reusing the fake eyelashes.

Source: Beautyramp


  1. I don't like the individual lashes, because you can't take them off immediately. the strip lashes are more convenient.

  2. If your lashes are generally long, is it still possible to apply false lashes on them?