Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Best Makeup Brands

Females have been known to use makeup and cosmetics since 3500 B.C. Certainly, the entire concept of cosmetics and makeup has changed in thousands of years, but one thing remains the same, that is- makeup enhances your physical attractiveness and appearance, which is why women love it! Creams, lotions, nail polish, sanitizers, scrubbers, face washes, foundations, blushers, liners, lip gloss and several other products can make you look sexy, adorable, cute, feminine, flirty, classy, elegant and ravishing. All you need to do is buy perfect makeup that will not just glorify your appearance, but will also take care of your skin and its needs. It is true that buying the best makeup for yourself can be difficult....
Source: Beautyramp

Listed below are my best brands so far, am still discovering more as the time goes by.....

1.  Iman
2.  Avon
3.  Black Opal (Love their Foundation)
4.  Mac
5.  Dinair (Love their airbrushing kits)
6.  Orekelewa
7.  Sleek (Love their Eyeshadow Palettes)
8.  Maybelline
9.  NYC
10. Clinique

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