Thursday, February 23, 2012

LEG-GO STILETTOS.....Simply Amazing

Stumbled on this while I was surfing the net and I found it so amazing I just had to share it with you guys....Legos high

British Artist Finn Stone has created a pair of colorful stilettos out of Lego blocks. He says the funky fashion is a throwback to childhood.

Stone, best known for his quirky design work in fiberglass furniture, told AOL News that he went outside the box with his latest art project because, frankly, he wanted to play with Legos. "I was never allowed Legos as a kid, so in a way, this was like going back to childhood. I got to act like a big kid while still creating art," Stone said.

"I like the idea of taking something serious like a pair of plain stilettos and turning them into something artistic and beautiful. The use of Legos is a throwback to youth."

Besides his urge to play with toys as a grown man, Stone said the idea for his so-called "LEG-GO Stilettos" came about after rummaging through a drawer filled with random junk at his house.

"I always make stuff out of the rubbish I find in that junk drawer, and this time there were a couple of pieces of Legos in there. That sparked the idea to see what I could make out of them."

At their recent art debut, Stone said the size 5 LEG-GO Stilettos were priced at about $2,600.

However, if he begins producing the high heels on a commercial level, Stone plans to significantly reduce that price tag so they can be affordable to the average fashionista.

Stone believes art buffs and "serious shoe collectors," and maybe even a funky celebrity or two, would be the first to buy the heels.

"I think they'd be perfect for Willy Wonka's girlfriend," he joked. "Or someone who's more daring in their fashion choices."

Hmmm....Maybe a Lady Gaga or a Nicki Minaj might be interested don't you

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