Thursday, February 23, 2012

LEG-GO STILETTOS.....Simply Amazing

Stumbled on this while I was surfing the net and I found it so amazing I just had to share it with you guys....Legos high

British Artist Finn Stone has created a pair of colorful stilettos out of Lego blocks. He says the funky fashion is a throwback to childhood.

Stone, best known for his quirky design work in fiberglass furniture, told AOL News that he went outside the box with his latest art project because, frankly, he wanted to play with Legos. "I was never allowed Legos as a kid, so in a way, this was like going back to childhood. I got to act like a big kid while still creating art," Stone said.

"I like the idea of taking something serious like a pair of plain stilettos and turning them into something artistic and beautiful. The use of Legos is a throwback to youth."

Besides his urge to play with toys as a grown man, Stone said the idea for his so-called "LEG-GO Stilettos" came about after rummaging through a drawer filled with random junk at his house.

"I always make stuff out of the rubbish I find in that junk drawer, and this time there were a couple of pieces of Legos in there. That sparked the idea to see what I could make out of them."

At their recent art debut, Stone said the size 5 LEG-GO Stilettos were priced at about $2,600.

However, if he begins producing the high heels on a commercial level, Stone plans to significantly reduce that price tag so they can be affordable to the average fashionista.

Stone believes art buffs and "serious shoe collectors," and maybe even a funky celebrity or two, would be the first to buy the heels.

"I think they'd be perfect for Willy Wonka's girlfriend," he joked. "Or someone who's more daring in their fashion choices."

Hmmm....Maybe a Lady Gaga or a Nicki Minaj might be interested don't you

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Dramatic Look

Dramatic Looks @ The London Fashion Week

Design duo FYODOR GOLAN opened fashion week with a bang as they showed an outlandish collection modelled by models with green glittery skin, tribal-style piercings and hair slicked into intricate designs.

The Designers Revealed To Participate At This Year’s Arise Magazine Fashion Week

Due to the phenomenal response to participate in the much anticipated, ARISE Magazine Fashion Week, which last year hosted 5,000 guests, 51 designers, 81 models, 5 musical acts over three days – ARISE organisers have announced that it will return to Lagos in March 2012, only this time it will feature 77 participants from 6 continents – including designers as far away as India, the Caribbean, USA, Europe and Africa.

The ARISE Magazine Fashion Week – Lagos 2012 fashion extravaganza will run for an extended period of SIX days from Tuesday 6th March to Sunday 11th March 2012 in THREE tents on the grounds of the luxurious 5-Star Federal Palace Hotel, Lagos, Nigeria.

The much-anticipated designers selected to participate include:

Adama-Paris (Senegal/France)
Amine Bendriouich Couture and BS (Germany/Morocco)
Amrapali (India)
Angelo Van Mol (Belgium/Ghana)
Be-Grey (Nigeria)
Bestow Elan (UK/Ghana)
Bridget Awosika (Nigeria)
Buki Akib (UK/Nigeria)
CHICHIA (UK/Tanzania)
Christie Brown (Ghana)
CLAN (Nigeria)

Omoni Oboli in the new issue of Vanguard Allure

Nollywood actress, Omoni Oboli on the cover of the new issue of Vanguard Allure in a stunning strapless yellow dress embelished with bold crystal jewels

Monday, February 20, 2012

My Beauty Look of the Week- Solange Knowles

Celebrities and their Mamas.

Lil Wayne’s mom, Jacinda Carter, had him when she was only 19 years old. The man she remarried years later was a huge and positive influence on her son’s life; unfortunately, her husband (Wayne’s stepdad) was murdered, leaving an indelible mark on Lil Wayne.
Kelly Rowland and her Mum

Neyo and Mom
Did you know Neyo's dad is a Nigerian?

Queen Latifah and Mom
Rita Owens is Latifah’s mother and she looks quite young don't you think? Rita raised Latifah and her brother after divorcing her husband when Latifah was only 10 years old. She supported her family by working as an arts teacher.

Aliyah Najm, T-Pain’s mama, is better known as “Mama Pain.” She’s not only steered her son’s career but also is heavily involved with other entertainment and philanthropic endeavors. Recently, she launched a non-profit, CareGivers 911 Foundation, to ”to support, provide services and educate individuals responsible for the care of loved ones who are terminally ill or have a life-long illness.”
Trey Songz and his super sexy Mama 
It’s no surprise that Trey Songz’s mom, April Tucker, turns heads wherever she goes. In fact, she became a trending topic after she accompanied her son to the 2010 BET Awards. Considering that she’s only 44, and has the looks of a thirty-something, Tre better watch out and protect his mama from all the hungry men in his industry.

Source: madamenoire

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Shelf Life of Makeup Products

How often do we check the expiration date on the makeup products we have locked up in our drawers and bags. Sometimes we hang on to different products ranging from colored pencils to different shades of lipsticks, and we believe at some point that we are going to use these stock someday, but most times we end up never getting to use them. but all the same we keep them just incase.

Makeup products have a period at which you hang on to them for after which they become prone to germs and bacteria and also expire.(Yes I mean expire).... Many ingredients in makeup can become what you call stale or bad and run the risk of being contaminated by mold, yeast, and other organisms which can enter into your pores or touch your skin can cause a host of skin and health problems...(so you are wondering how come this acne isn't going, or why are my lips feeling rough or what the patches on my just might be your makeup that needs to be thrown out..)
  • Your makeup brushes should be washed every 2-3months with warm water and mild shampoo 
  • Foundations have about 12-18months shelf life. 
  • Pencil liners, lip liners have about 2-3 years of useage after which you should consider getting new ones. 
  • Lip Sticks- I would say 1-2 years, others might say 3-4 years, but if it starts to smell bad, then it is bad ok. 
  • Mascara, 3-4 months and for it to last that long, then you might want to stop pumping the wand in and out to avoid dry air from getting in. 
Using expired products can lead to a number of skin issues like:
  • Acne 
  • Skin blemishes and breakouts 
  • Skin discoloration 
  • Rashes 
  • Eye infections and so on...... 
So guys lets try to stay on the healthy side by keeping stock of our makeup products that way we know when it was bought and when we think its time to toss it out.

Mo’Cheddah is Officially a Graduate

She officially graduated from the University of Lagos with a degree in Creative Arts on the 16th of Feb, 2012......Congrats girl, am sure it wasn't an easy journey, but you did it.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Vlisco presents “Silent Empire”

The power of subtlety
Behold the hidden secrets of the new Vlisco fabric collection named Silent Empire. The drama of a frozen opera with a touch of blossoming wit reveals spiritual ambiguity. A restrained yet ceremonious composition of graphic shapes further emphasises a sense of a serene stratification.

Vlisco launches its new Silent Empire collection in February 2012. The inspiration for the collection comes from the hidden secrets and gentle formality of a distant place, in line with Vlisco’s aim of meeting different cultures and incorporating various surprising elements from around the world into its designs in 2012.