Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Makeup Tips For The Older Women


As we age, we deal with all sorts of lines on our face, from laugh lines to wrinkles and it can be difficult to wear makeup the way we used to when we where much younger. However, just because you’re older doesn’t mean that you can’t look good and glamorous, by accepting the fact that we are older is one step and embracing our natural beauty is another. Here are a few tips that can help us achieve that natural beauty as an older person:

1: Take care of your skin. Wash and moisturize daily and make sure your diet consists of vegetables, fruits and Vitamin A.

2: Less is more. Stay clear of heavy foundations and caked powder, tinted moisturizers, liquid foundation would work better on your face. Also light touches of eye makeup and lip color would help define that natural beauty.

3: Get ur cheeks rosy. Try lighter tones of blushes like, shades in pink or natural tones so as to avoid looking like a clown, let go of the dark blushes.

4: Play up the eyes. Make the eyes the center point of your face by choosing a shadow to compliment your eye color. Before applying your shadow, use a primer on your lids to help the shadow stay put. But be sure to stay away from shimmers, it will only make the wrinkles more pronounced.

5: Pep up the lips. As you get older, your lips get thinner and tend to wrinkle. It is advised for older ladies to stick to light pinks, pretty nudes, and colors up to two shades darker than their natural lip color for a younger look. Give your lips some volume by using a gloss with a plumping agent in it. Even a dab of Vaseline in the middle of your bottom lip will do the job!

Source: makeuptalk

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