Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year Guys

Its another new year that holds great promises. And its great to be alive to see it. Its been 2 years of blogging for me and I have enjoyed every great moment of it. I appreciate the comments, the followers, those that view and those that leave messages regularly. I wish everyone a great year filled with success and great achievements.

And to Nigeria my beloved country, please leaders, put the people in mind when you make major decisions, the people are suffering enough not to now add more hardship to the already hard life. We all want the best for this country and we can only continue to hope and pray for Nigeria to stay peaceful and remain in one unity. God bless Nigeria.

Continue to view and follow my blog, I promise to continue to bring you more tips on how to stay beautiful, stories that wold put smiles on your faces and juicy gists that would entertain and rock your world.

Have a pleasant year everyone. Happy 2012.

With much love
Tolu Uwhubetine.

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