Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Some women believe that beauty and fashion can’t work during pregnancy, I for one do not believe…….I have not been pregnant before, but from what I have learnt and experienced from pregnant friends around me, I believe some little efforts can be put to look good during this pregnancy stages…(note I said ‘little’…cuz I know pregnancy affects each person differently).

Pregnancy changes a lot about your body, the complexion changes, for some it’s either darker while others lighter, you begin to experience breakout and so on. I believe you should consider reviving your makeup as you progress through pregnancy. A bit of makeup might help you feel better about the way you look. And I emphasize ‘a bit’. Just a bit here and there to help you hide certain areas and enhance others.

During pregnancy, your makeup should be simple, cuz during this the period you are likely to feel very tired and cranky, and having to now sit and begin a process of makeup application is the last thing you want. If you are the type that wears makeup, you might want to just leave the application to the basics, by doing just your brows, light shadow on your eyes and then your lips, the foundation might not be necessary except you are trying to cover blemishes or under-eye circles or you are going out and there would be a lot of pictures taking. Stick with less, it’s faster and easier.

If you notice your skin is dry, you might want to consider a nice moisturizer especially one with sunscreen. Note your skin may be more sensitive during pregnancy, so you should watch out for harsh chemicals you can’t tolerate e.g. mercury, petroleum (I had to do research on this…cuz I don’t want any one saying I recommended it to them…lol).

Acne is not something that can be prevented during pregnancy for some women…..but here are tips that may help………
Wash gently with ‘mild’ soap like twice a day; use your hands in doing this to prevent irritation.
If you use moisturizer, make sure it is an oil-free one.
Don’t squeeze or pop your pimple; some of us have the habit of doing that, this can aggravate the problem and lead to scarring.
If you have to wear makeup, use products that are water-based rather than oil-based so they don’t clog your pores and cause breakouts.
Be sure to wash your makeup off thoroughly before going to bed.
Before using any lotions or medicated soaps and gels, be sure to ask your doctor, cuz not all this products work with pregnancy.

Now with all these tips given, I don’t see why you can’t look good during this pregnancy stage….I know some of you would say, ‘what does she know, has she been pregnant before’……I haven’t o, but I definitely don’t want to look terrible when I am….nine months is too long a period to look terrible, I don’t have to wear all the heavy stuffs…….just a little would do the trick.


  1. I hope I have done justice to your request, Catherine by re-posting this. Thanks for the mail once again.

  2. hey,
    is there anything I can do to make my nose and lips look smaller, I am almost 6 months pregnant,and damn do i look bloated...

  3. hey,
    What can i use for a bog nose and and lips. am 6 months pregnant and damn do i look bloated.

  4. Well, I would just say you should contour ur nose with a darker shade of foundation, and highlight the centre with a bronzer. When you take a picture, it would make ur nose slimmer. As for ur lips, make sure you line before applying lipstick and use very little lip gloss cuz this can make ur lips look big. I hope this helps?