Saturday, November 19, 2011

Nigerian Fashion Week 17th Nov to 19th Nov

I had the opportunity to be one of the makeup artist at the just concluded Nigerian Fashion Week  which held at the Muson Centre, Onikan. The show ran from Thurs 17th to Saturday 19th. It featured alot of wonderful and creative designs and it was a wonderful experience for me at the backstage especially it being my first fashion show as a makeup artist....... Once upon a time I use to be a model and I walked some of this walkways(that was before i started adding weight sha o) now am backstage doing faces. For this show, it was tagged ''Growing Green'' and I would show you bits n pieces of pictures I could come up with from my Camera. Excuse the be my fault, but atleast I try small. The pictures watermarked are the faces I worked with on makeup..enjoy....
  • Makeup by Tolu Makeovers

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Designs by Modela-Going green collection-day 2

Designs by Modela(going green collection-day 2)

Designs by Theodore(going green collection-day 2)

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  1. really awesome designs...great work

  2. I like your makeup works, not bad at all.

  3. I was actually at the day 2 of the event, saw ur advert in the programme booklet we were given. I have to say Tolu, you are doing great, your blog is very colorful and attractive and well informed...i believe with time, you would have more traffic and comments, don't give up, just keep up the good works. i would definitely be visiting more.

  4. To be very honest,i quite agree with the last comment about ur blog.its indeed glowing with lovely colours and very inviting.ur makeup design are very creative and the way u play with the colours make ur style very unique.
    Keep it up and be rest assured you re doing a great job...

  5. Thanks guys for the comment, pls keep it coming, cuz its quite encouraging and it shows people appreciate what I am doing. Would try my best to post more and update more....