Monday, November 21, 2011

More Designs from the just concluded Nigerian Fashion Week 2011


  1. I love the Red gown and the black gown the last picture. Can we know the designers?..thanks.

  2. dont mind me and my small photography skills, I forgot to tag the designers respectively.

  3. hello Tolu Makeovers!
    my name is Simeon Ihuoma Gift,i own a fashion new letter. this is my first time visiting your site, i must confess is quite inspiring.

    i want to ask for your permission to use some of the designers wear and the make-up on your site for a news letter cover. and the address wear people can purchase this product.

  4. hi Simeon, like i commented earlier, i didn't tag the designers, so I don't know their names. But the show itself has a page on Facebook- you can check it out, and most of the designs are there with the labels. As For the Makeup, if you lift, pls reference should be made back to my label(Tolu Makeovers) or my blog site.

    Thanks for visiting