Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Beauty of False Lashes.......

The eyes are considered to be one of the most striking features of anyone’s face. Also referred to as the mirror of one’s heart that can really make one look beautiful. The beauty of your eyes can be enhanced with makeup. However, apart from eye make up, what can really change your look are long and curly eyelashes. Though not everyone is endowed with such remarkable lashes, you can easily achieve that diva look with the help of false eye lashes. applying false lashes, requires utmost care. To know how to fix or apply false eye lashes, read the steps below.
  • Be very careful while taking them out of the box so that do not tear or damage. You can even trim them according to your eye size, before using. 
  • Now, curl your eye lashes so that the false ones adjust properly on yours. 
  • For applying false eyelashes, eyelash adhesive is required which usually comes along with the lashes. 
  • Spread a thin layer of eyelash adhesive onto the eyelash strip, as too much of the glue might become messy. 
  • Wait for a second, till the glue becomes a little thick. 
  • Now, gently put the false eyelashes on your natural ones. Begin with the outer corner of your eye, placing them as close as possible to your natural eyelash line. 
  • Readjust the eyelashes if you don’t find the position right as the glue will be soft in the beginning. 
  • Press them gently, making them firm on the outer corners of the strip to ensure they stick on. 
  • Make sure you do not have a white line appearing, as this indicates that there is gap between the two eyelashes. 
  • To fix the problem, you can either try to readjust it there itself or you can remove them and place again. 
  • After your eyelash adhesive is completely dry, apply a few coats of mascara. For finishing touches, curl them with an eyelash curler

Very simple right? for me, I find it easy to apply false lashes on peoples faces, but its rather clumsy doing it on my own eyes. I just don't get it right on my face...isn't that rather weird?....Am I the only makeup artist that has that issue?

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