Friday, October 28, 2011

Iman adds Platinum Collection to growing list of brands

Her successful beauty business paved the way for a collection of clothing called Global Chic, a line of under-$100 women's separates and accessories, which is sold exclusively on HSN. This fall, she's added a higher-end line of clothing, outerwear and bags, the Platinum Collection.
"My clothes are chic; they're classics reinvented," Iman said.  "I leave the trends to H&M and Zara because they do it so well."

“When it comes to my clothes, I like color, but not in-your-face color,” she said. "I like to provide color as you need it. For instance, a red bag can lift everything up and is easier to wear than all red."
Though her fashion business has taken off, she said it's certainly not something she envisioned doing while modeling for some of the biggest names in the industry. She was adamant about not referring to herself as a "designer," but rather as someone who interprets trends and creates and curates a lifestyle line.
But her firsthand experience working directly with designers certainly has honed a keen, sophisticated sense of style.
"When I would walk in [to a fitting or photo shoot], the designer would ask me, 'How would you wear this, how would you put this together?'" she said about her modeling days. "You were a muse." one of your great fans, I love your makeup collections, and am loving this clothing line aswell....


Don't You Just Love This???

 One of the gowns on display at the MTN Lagos fashion & design week....I love the yellow and colorful

MTN Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2011- Xclamations by Tomi Rotimi

MTN Lagos & Design Fashion Week 2011 Day 1(Designs by Koketso)

Tips on On Facial Contouring

Facial Contouring is when you Highlight or Shade a feature on your face using light or dark shades of makeup. When you contour you will change, accentuate, hide, strengthen and define your face.
The main principle is this:
  • Dark shading will make facial features recede
  • Light shading will make facial features more prominent
With a foundation that matches your skintone, cover up your imperfections, scars etc.
Start Shading
With a darker foundation minimize the following features by
  1. i.      Shading the sides of your NOSE
  2. ii.      Shade the colors of your cheek and temples
  3. iii.      Shade underneath your chins
Now Highlight
  1. With a lighter foundations shade or Bronzer
    1. i.      Apply on the apples of your cheek
    2. ii.      Apply underneath your eyes in combination with a concealer. Also highlight the center of your eyelid, the middle of your forehead.
    3. iii.      Highlight your cheeks by dusting a lighter foundation or bronzer on the apples of your cheek, as well as the middle of your chin.

Naomi Campbell on The cover of Soon International Magazine

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

E! presenter Giuliana Rancic has breast cancer

E! personality Giuliana Rancic, 37, announced Monday morning that she has breast cancer.
The reality star and host revealed on Today that doctors discovered the cancer when giving her a mammogram as part of IVF treatment -- Rancic has been public with her multi-year struggle to get pregnant. She said of the discovery:
    "It was just a kick in the stomach ... I was just a few days away from going to Colorado to get IVF ... It was incredible, instant sobbing ... 36 years old, no family history ..."
Rancic said she must undergo surgery and six weeks of radiation therapy, but that because the cancer was caught early, her prognosis is good. She will then continue her quest to become pregnant.
    "I still want this baby ... this baby has saved my life. I truly feel God was looking out after me … If I had gotten pregnant later down the line, I could have been a lot sicker."
Rancic's advice for women? "A lot of us think we're invincible," she said. "Women are busier than ever ... we have to start putting ourselves on the 'To Do' list."
Rancic also praised her husband, Bill, for his support. "He lets me feel what I want to feel," she said.

source: x17online

Choosing Wedding Makeup

After settling on a guest list and finding a reception venue, choosing wedding makeup is one of the most important tasks for a bride. There are so many ways you can look at the one event that you must look perfect at. The key is to book a makeup artist you trust that can create a variety of different looks well or do many experiments yourself.
You can choose to have a look using colors from the wedding color scheme, those that naturally enhance your features or match your wedding gown, hairstyle and jewellery or season.
A good idea is to use colors that play up your skin and eyes and also do not clash with the chosen bridal color scheme. If you look best in warm tones, use those. If you are radiant in cooler shades, play with looks using these colors.

For a Warm Look

This look is especially splendid if you having a wedding in the warmer months of the year or in autumn.

  • Apply gold under the brow and blend well down into the inner corner of the eye to brighten the eyes. Avoid gold tones that are too shimmery or glittery for this day.

  • On the mobile lid apply a generous amount of a golden bronze. Blend this well into the gold.

  • On the outer corner of the eye use a matte dark brown shade and blend into the crease.

  • With a smudge brush run the same brown shadow along the lower lash line, being careful to stop just where the lashes are naturally apparent.

  • Use black brown eyeliner to line the upper lash line and blend slightly upwards into the shadows above. You don’t want this line to be too obvious, just to increase the definition of the eyes.

  • Use mascara on top and bottom lashes to frame the eyes.

  • For the cheeks use some golden blush lightly (no shimmer or glitter here) for radiance.

  • Use a light brown lip color with a copper sheen to finish off the look.

  • source: makeup-artist-world

    Monday, October 17, 2011

    $2.5 Million Bra at Victoria's Secret 2011 Show

    The blinged out bra will feature nearly 3400 precious gems such as white and yellow diamonds, pearls and aquamarines, so prepare to be dazzled by the gems which were applied by hand by London Jewelers.
    The centerpiece will feature two 8 carat white diamonds and two 14 carat yellow diamonds. The annual lingerie show will be held in New York and will air on CBS on November 29th at 10/9C.
    * * * *
    If I had that kind of money, trust me when I say that bra would be the last thing on my mind.

    Thursday, October 13, 2011

    Nollywood Actress Stephanie Okereke On The Covers of African Vibe Magazine

    The magazine opens up on Stephanie’s life as a philanthropist, her upcoming projects for the next year and how she has journeyed through Nollywood.

    Wednesday, October 5, 2011

    Pics Of The Day

    MBGN - Sylvia Nduka


    Mocheddah and eldee's followers were shocked to see some funny tweets on the two celebs twitter page. They alleged that some unknown hackers fired off fake tweets about Mocheddah's nude picture.

    The Impersonators - The updates began this morning when eldee tweeted at Mocheddah to send in her nude picture in a tweet stating "If people here wit us see it, just say one of the guys also in the hostel posted it to you". And Mocheddah sent the pic to Eldee which appeared on her timeline. Many had claimed the tweets were leaked Direct Message (between the two).

    Other fake tweets that appeared on Mocheddah's timeline
    "I fooled you all I am actually 45"

    "just touched down in india and I have
    made up my mind, no more music"

    Cossy Orjiakor's Independence Day looks....

    That's Cossy Orjiakor on Independence day at at Hardley Suites, an event that had a number of celebrities in attendance.


    Olu and Dakore Akande welcomed a baby girl in far away USA last week.
    Yoruba actress, Opeyemi Ayeola gave birth to another baby boy in UK.
    hmmm.... why are the celebs going outside the country to have their babies?...Me sef, am going to give birth in (buzz me to find out where...).
    Congrats to the new mothers....wish them well.....


    It was great to see Brandy in person, performing for the first time in Nigeria. R&B artist Joe who replaced scheduled performer The Game also delivered in Lagos. D’Banj, D’Prince, Iyanya and many other MTN Project Fame West Africa stars also performed aswell on the 2nd of October @ Eko Hotel Lagos

    Gist Gist Gist

    Hey guys, been awhile I gisted, it's been all about makeup. so right now, lets gossip, alot of Naija juicy gists. And am going to be putting up my wedding pictures very soon..*winks* watch out.