Monday, July 11, 2011

Easy Tips For Getting That Perfect Brow

So from popular demand lets talk about getting those eyebrows looking good and perfect. Eyebrows can change the way your face looks. It conveys your mood, whether you are happy or sad, confused or irritated. The brows says it all. Here are some few tips to help:
  • First of all find out what works for you. Are you comfortable with waxing, or tweezing  or just simply shaping with a blade. Reason being that some of us react to different things. i for example, if i tweeze, am going to have my whole brows swollen for the next 2 days, so I don't like to do it. If you are the very hairy type, I would advice tweezing or waxing cuz the hair is taken out directly from the roots.
  • Now find your eyebrow shape.
Your eyebrow shape is a guide to maintaining your brows. The first step to having great brows is to follow your natural shape when you get your eyebrows groomed. Don’t try and change your shape (i.e. flat to angled) because then your eyebrows can look strange and out of place. Find your natural arch. everyone has this little high arch on their brows.
B- is where your natural arch is. while A and C is where your brows should start from and end at.
  • Keep it looking as natural as possible. There is nothing like having your brows looking beautiful and natural.
Try these tips out and if you have any on ME....*winks*

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