Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Avant Garde Makeup

Avant garde is known for being dramatic, artistic, and often extreme. The polar opposite of a natural look, avant garde is all about creativity and expression. The word avant garde itself is a French term meaning 'advance guard,' and refers to things that are unique and new; experimental or innovative in nature. Applied to makeup, this term represents very artistic looks

Where You'll See the Looks

You see these artistic makeup looks on the runway and fashion show models, for advertisements and special photo shoots, in fashion and beauty magazines, and for pageants or performance events. You'll also run across these looks in makeup artists portfolios to showcase their talent, and for makeup competitions or challenge events, as well as holidays and other special events. Some makeup artists and those with particularly expressive and creative personalities may also go avant garde with their makeup any time the mood strikes them for a given day or a given occasion.
For the average woman, avant garde cosmetic styles may not be the norm, but they can make an impact for a special occasion. Women can also glean creative new makeup ideas from avant garde styles and tone them down to a level they are comfortable with for an incredible new look.


Characteristics of this makeup style include:

  • Very artistic and unusual or unique
  • Dramatic and stylized
  • Follow a specific theme or meant to evoke a certain image
  • Often uses bold or unusual color
  • May have heavy emphasis on a specific feature, often the eyes
  • Use of additional mediums beyond the makeup palate, such as gems, feathers, or glitter
  • Use professional quality cosmetics
  • May take a significant amount of time to create
well i'm gonna be coming up with some avant garde looks myself...so watch out for this space soonest..*winks*

Source: lovetoknow makeup

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