Sunday, May 8, 2011

Eyeliner Styles - Change Your Look Instantly

Changing of eyeliner styles is one of the easiest ways to create a new look. You can take your makeup from day to evening just by just changing the manner u use to apply eyeliner. It’s fun and easy.

To add a bit of glamour to the eyes:- The focus is on the top lid only. It’s typically done on a nude eyelid or one that is made up to appear that way. If you are wearing eyeshadow make sure that it is in the natural eyeshadow color range.
  • Begin at the inner corner of your eye and when you move the brush to the outer corner move the line up.
  • The line should extend past the outer corner and be an exaggerated line which flips upwards.
  • Then make a second line over the first one to add thickness.
Finish off the look by wearing black mascara.
 More on styles after the break

Eyeliner styles for looking wide awake:- It’s a method similar to the one above, but it’s a great look for anytime. It uses two colors of eyeliner – a darker one and a lighter one. The dark will be for the upper lid, the lighter for the lower lid.
  • Do your upper eyelid the same as in the first eyeliner look, but use a thick line.
  • The line should be barely visible at the beginning and the go to the outer corner and curve up naturally.
  • The bottom eyeliner should be very thin and connect.
  • Take a light eyeshadow highlighter and line the inner eye area next to your nose. This opens the eye.
If you are using eyeshadow colors then only very light colors should be used, if at all, under your eyes. You’ll find that these makeup tips for eyeliner styles give you a rested appearance instantly.

For bigger eyes look:- This is a slightly exaggerated style done with a thin line.
  • Take your liner and start slightly above the inner corner of your eye with the line flowing gently to the outer corner. Stop before reaching the end of your eye (you want a little flesh at the outer corner to show) and extend the line upward.
  • On the bottom lid the trick is to keep from closing in the eye. This is done by not having the color touch the inner eye or outer eye. Let the flesh show at the inner and outer corners and just line like you normally would. If you need to you can touch up by using a flesh color of shadow at the inner and outer corners of your eye.
Almost all eyeliner styles play off of these three basic styles. You can create everything from the natural look to dramatic eye makeup styles like smokey eyes and cat eye makeup. It takes a little practice, but once you have created a style you like it does get easier each time.

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