Friday, April 8, 2011

Choosing The Right Mascara For You

Mascara is a makeup product that you simply should not live without. It adds that beautiful volume and  emphasis to your lashes that completes your look. Add a few coats with the mascara wand and you can go from a dull look to a gorgeous look in just minutes. It does more than just give your eyelashes more color, it can be used for corrective makeup to lengthen and give sparse lashes the illusion of being fuller.
 In choosing a color, there are three major colors to consider before making a final selection and they are:

  • Black Mascara – Black is the color most women look to first. Keep in mind that there isn’t just one shade of this color, there are lots of shades. 
  • Brown Mascara –  It can be used in addition to black mascara for certain makeup looks.
  • Clear Mascara – This is the mascara that every woman who is just beginning to wear an eyelash coating product should start with. It prevents having to deal with messy under eye splotches. Perfect for coating your lower lashes for emphasis. There are also a number of ways to use it.
Now after determining which color to go with, you now have to determine the type to serve your purpose.
    1. Volumizing Mascara – Yes, you can have fuller, thicker eyelashes. These formulas do everything from adding tiny particles to coat your lashes to ones that create a tube over each and every lash. Your lashes can look thick and full when you know how to use them.2. Lengthening Mascara – When it’s longer lashes you want there’s a way to get them and this is the product you want. Applying them is easy and they’re great for evening makeup looks. 3. Waterproof Mascara – It lasts all day and it’s the best choice for wedding makeup looks. You can have perfect makeup any time of the years, whether it’s hot, humid summer weather or pouring down rain. Applied correctly, you’re smearing mascara worries will be over.It works well for bridal makeup cuz of teary brides.
By now you should have a very good idea of exactly the type of product you want to begin with and should be able to determine which or what works best for you. So take note when shopping for your mascara........

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