Friday, April 8, 2011

Ok Are You Thinking What Am Thinking??

I myself don't really know what I was thinking...but like I say, I was trying my hands at creativity in my own lil honestly what do you think??

Image Consultant Debbie Ibinola presents “The Working Girl” – 7 Looks for 7 Days

Masculinity meets Feminine Allure
Bright Future:
I came across this on bellanaija's blog, and I just loved it all, so i decided to share it with you all as if you cant seem to combine for the week, this should help its going to help me out a great deal...*winks*.....happy veiwing..

more pics after the break:

Choosing The Right Mascara For You

Mascara is a makeup product that you simply should not live without. It adds that beautiful volume and  emphasis to your lashes that completes your look. Add a few coats with the mascara wand and you can go from a dull look to a gorgeous look in just minutes. It does more than just give your eyelashes more color, it can be used for corrective makeup to lengthen and give sparse lashes the illusion of being fuller.
 In choosing a color, there are three major colors to consider before making a final selection and they are:

Orange Lipstick - The New Trend

Orange is one of the brightest hues in the color spectrum, but there are makeup choices that can look playful without requiring a chaperone and orange had been added to them.