Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How To Apply Concealer

Cover up makeup is meant to even out your complexion. Concealers contain higher pigment concentration than your normal foundation so they are more opaque and feel thicker. They're designed to be used for “spot concealing” blemishes, scars and discoloration.
Professional professional coverup products have the highest amount of pigment. This means it must be blended very well. Use a brush or sponge made especially for the purpose. Blending will make it look like your own skin.

Apply concealer either under or over your foundation. Makeup artists do both. If your foundation is a liquid or a cream, put your foundation on and try putting your concealer over it.
Are you wearing a mineral powder foundation? Apply your concealer first, then powder. Once you have both products on, determine if you need a second coat of concealer.
You’ll find that your concealer goes on smoother if you use a makeup primer first. The trick to using a cosmetics concealer is blending and creating a smooth base first helps the process.
Keep a cosmetics concealer in your purse for quick touch-ups!

When choosing a cosmetics concealer determine if you need mild or full coverage.
If you have moderate to dark discoloration choose a professional product because they contain a higher concentrations of pigment and will give opaque coverage.
It’s important to remember that the products you use will also depend on the area. If you’re covering areas under the eye, then use a product formulated especially for that sensitive area.


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