Friday, February 4, 2011

Keep Your Lips Kissable For Valentine

Imagine kissing a set of soft, full, beautiful lips on valentine's day, isn't that amazing? As valentine draws closer, and we look forward to sharing this season of love with our loved ones, here are some tips to consider in keeping those lips of yours soft, kissable and beautiful:

*Condition or Exfoilating:- I have blogged about this before. Look for a mild scrub, or you can use a wet toothbrush to keep your lips feeling soft.
*Protect:- After exfoilating, try to keep them in moisture. You can use a good lip balm or vaseline. This helps prevent them from getting flaky of dry again.
*Add Color:- It's the Season of love, don't be afraid to try a bold red (remember keep the eyes subtle if you are going heavy on the lips) or subtle shade of pink.
*Gloss it up:- For your dinner date or night outing, put some gloss on those colored lips and make heads turn.

You got yourself the perfect lips for the love season. Kiss kiss....

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