Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Common Beauty Mistakes - And How to Fix Them

You wake up in the morning and you are in a rush to get to the office or meet up for an appointment, on getting to your destination, you are told by your co-workers you have your eye-liner smearing, or a lipstick stained smile, or excess blush.....well guess what, here are a few tips on how to fix these common makeup mistakes.

  • Oily T-Zone: you realise your forehead and nose shining so brightly, what do you do? Every woman should endeavour to have a pack of blotting papers in their handbags, cuz the blotting papaer does the trick of blotting this oily t-zone. Blot and Go...
  • Lipstick Stained Teeth: Your lipstick is glowing and popping, but that huge red spot over your front two teeth is not. The best solution is quick - and free. After applying your lipstick, close your lips around your thumb, then pull it out. That ring around your thumb? All the lipstick that would have been on your teeth.
  • Over Blushing: Applying blush can be tricky atimes, it looks good on the inside but on getting out u look like a clown, don't be worried, take your powder brush and apply a little dust of translucent powder over the affected place, blending with d rest of your face. It should tone down the amount of blush on.
  • Flaking Lips: You apply your gloss and lipstick, but as time goes on it wears off, and you want to apply another coat, it gives you a flacky feel, and the lipstick does not glide or stay on. Try and clean off whatever has been applied before and use a lip balm instead of a gloss. Also try to exfoilate your lips more often( given tips on an earlier post on how to exfoilate, you might want to search for that) it would help prevent flaky lips, leaving your lip soft and smooth.
  • Mascara Smears: While trying to apply your mascara, it stains under your eyes, just take a Q-Tip(cotton bud ), dip it in glycerin, or makeup remover or your body mosturizer and rub it over the smear.
Solving make-up problems is often a matter of trial and error till you get your best results. However, once you have found the techniques that work for you, you’ll be able to fix the mistakes in the blink of an eye. So lets get trying.....*winks*

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