Thursday, December 2, 2010

Get It Right And See What Happens.....

‎1.What is it that was given to you, belongs only to you, and yet your friends use it more than you do?

2.The beginning of eternity The end of time and space The beginning of every end, And the end of every place. Who am I?

3.What question can you never answer "yes" to?

...Get the answer right and 2 people get a free makeover from me for any event of your choice. T & C applies sha


  1. hello,
    My name is Dayo, and i live in Abuja. answers to your quiz: 2- God, 3-death...I have no idea what answers to 1 is,but does this qualify me? and u are doing a good job on your blog and makeup work...

  2. Hello Dayo, am sorry to say u got answers wrong. and yes u have 2 answer all 3 to get the makeover...thanks for the compliment

  3. Are you still receiving answers ma'am?

  4. @anonymous, give it a try and let's c.....never can tell

  5. 1. Name
    2. the letter 'e'
    3. Are you sleeping? or Are you dead? You can't answer 'yes' to either of them.

    Na me be anonymous o ;) I tried to use my google account but its asking me to sign up for blogger

  6. You sure did get it right Cynthia. Do I know which Cynthia this is? Somebody else got it right, but we can work something out for you. I guess you you want the free makeover?

  7. Yippee! *dancing*
    I wouldn't mind the free make over but I am not in naija at the moment :(
    What shall we do?

    Good job by the way! I love your creativity. This Cynthia was your hubby's university classmate :)) Got to your blog from his posts, you will see me on his friend's list.

    Finally figured how to use my name!

  8. lol...alright, guess any time u re in naija, u can buzz me up and we'll work something out....*winks*.....thanks for visiting my blog...