Monday, November 1, 2010

Woman Gives Birth To Twins; One Black, One White

A British woman is making headlines after having a rare pregnancy and giving birth to twins---one Black and one white. 21-year-old Shirley Wales is from Grenadian descent and was shocked to see that her son Leo had brown skin like hers while his twin sister Hope bore a resemblance to her father with white skin and blue eyes.
Wales, who is no longer with their father, tells the UK Daily Mail that the possibility of one Black twin and one white was a running joke between her and her friends but she never thought it would really happen.
“Throughout the pregnancy I'd joked about the babies being black and white, I even said to my friends that if one was black and one was white I'd call them Ebony and Ivory. When they were born though, I realised it would be cruel to actually call them that.”

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