Saturday, October 16, 2010

Renowned Nigerian Designer Deola Sagoe on CNN

The international media continues to ‘knock on our door’ and seem to be trying to understand the Nigerian fashion industry. A few months ago, CNN spotlighted the Nigerian Fashion industry and highlighted the ‘tailor-made’ fashion system which is commonplace in Nigeria.

Once again, in a seeming continuation of the previous feature, they tackle the same topic as CNN reporter, Nima Elbagir explored the Lagos fabric markets, purchased ankara fabric and got an item sown for her.
The feature then transitioned to a more upmarket focus as they visited renowned Nigerian designer, Deola Sagoe. Deola spoke eloquently about the Nigerian and African fashion industry and the how Africa has a lot of inspiration has been borrowed from Africa by the West via “tribal” fashion. According to Deola, “...Now, its a renaissance, we are claiming back what is ours“.

The feature also showcased other aspects of the Deola Sagoe brand including their recently launched line of Polos and Denim.

I’ll tell you what they say about Deola Sagoe, they say, go to her if you are an ugly duckling and she will turn you into a swan

Source: bellanaija

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  1. Deola is a fashion icon is the Nigeria fashion industry. Her design is making waves in the Nigeria Market Place.