Friday, October 1, 2010

Nigeria @ 50 ! ! !


Lets count our blessings as a Nation. 50 years of Independence and what exactly do we have to show for it? The Giant of Africa as we are called and this is what I would say we have to show for it.......

Nigeria has been truely blessed over the last couple of years amidst all the crisis (i mean which country doesn't have crisis). We were held by military dictatorship over a period of time, but with God's intervention (cuz thats about the only explanation i can give it) we were released from that.

Across the Globe, we hear of wars, natural disasters and what have you, but here in Naija we've been lucky. yes we might have religious crisis here and there (caused mainly by the fact that we have over 200 ethnic groups, how many other country can have this much ethnic tribes and still stand  whole as a Country) but not enough to put the whole Country into a major distress.

We might have hevay rainfall to flood a street, but not enough to wipe out a State or confuse the Nation as a whole.

Arungugu Festival 
If we look on the bright side, Nigerians are basically fun and life lovers. Amidst the proverty, corruption, riots etc.... Nigerians are still smilling. We were once listed in a poll as one of the countries with a happy population. Yes we have all these to be appreciative for, but now that we have gotten to this Golden Jubilee age, it's time to sit down and reflect back on our past mistakes so as to be able to correct them, reflect on the situation of the general population constituting nigerians as a whole and start to touch lives.

Agbani Darego(one time Miss World)
Another election is drawing closer, the Politicians coming forward , are they volunteering cause they have the interest of the masses at heart? Or they are just there cause of their thirst for power and the riches that comes with it?

We the general public, are we also committing the mistakes our leaders are doing all in the name of corruption is from above? Are we our brothers keepers? If the leaders are messing up, does this mean we should also rob, kill, and commit all sorts of atrocities as well?

Nigeria @ 50, lets all pray and act. Lets not sit down and fold our hands and say statements like ..'' things are good'', ''it is well'', ''e go better''. Lets make it better (little drops of water makes a mighty ocean). Go out there and vote credible leaders that would take this country foward and benefit our future generations to come.

Hungry power intoxicated politicians, please I beg you sit down in your respective homes and leave Nigeria alone. I mean how much more power can you handle (too much of everything is not good o)? The riches you have accumitaled and robbed Naija off over the last 50 years is enough. There are people out there that can't even afford a meal a day and you are there thirsting for more power. Enough is Enough o.......

Long Live The Federal Republic of Nigeria......
Long Live The Citizens of Nigeria......
Long Live Tolu Makeovers(lol..)

Lagos State

Happy Independence Day ! ! ! ! ! !

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