Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Fela!

If he didn’t pass away on August 2nd 1997, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Nigerian Afrobeat maestro, prophet and about the most revolutionary musician-bandleader from Nigeria, would have clocked 72 today.

Fela was a prophet who was appreciated by people home and abroad – except for different Nigerian governments who found his lyrics too harsh and too piercing. He was a thorn in their flesh, and they did all they could, to get rid of him.

Fela made music, loads of it. For everything he was known for: women, weed, wine, politics, advocacy, polygamy and even teaching, the most important tool Fela used to shape his world was his music. The lyrics are fierce and real; the music rich, detailed and intense. No wonder over a decade after his death, his amazing discography continues to be on heavy demand across the world. Afrobeat bands are springing up everywhere possible, Fela biographies are sitting on bestsellers’ lists and the broadway show Fela! is already a global hit and multiple award winner.

source: thenetng


  1. Abami Eda himself...

  2. this guy as far as am concerned na legend

  3. sometimes Ijust wonder if he were still alive what would have become of him?