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Fashion Collective in Tribute to Nigeria at 50 & Celebrating the Formidable African Woman....“La Dame, La Muse” by Temple Muse

Lagos-based Luxury fashion retailer, Temple Muse sponsored by Veuve Clicquot in collaboration with the ever-talented Omoyemi Akerele (Founder of and Fashion Editor of FLAIR Magazine) developed a unique concept – “La Dame, La Muse” to pay tribute to Nigeria at 50 and “celebrate the formidable African woman”.
“La Dame, La Muse” is the unique work of thirteen of Nigeria’s top and emerging fashion designers. Each of these designers has created special one-of-a-kind pieces with which to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the nation’s independence. ‘La Dame, La Muse’ is a celebration of the inspirational artistry and exceptional creative talent that has grown in the world of Nigerian fashion over the years. At the launch event which took place on the September 24th 2010, thirteen special one-off pieces were on display.
Every one of these pieces has been inspired by the story of Nigeria, the history and diversity of the nation, and by the heritage of the formidable African woman. Below are designs of a few designers....
Ituen Basi

Ituen Basi’s celebration of the ubiquitous Ankara continues in her new collection titled ‘Independence with the Edidiong 50, designed exclusively for the La Dame La Muse collective.
The Edidiong 50, which belies the intricate craftsmanship synonymous with the label stays true to the essence of the Ituen Basi label and sees Ituen working solely with cotton Ankara. Her fabric treatment creates a textured surface, which echoes the delicate body-skimming silhouette. The simplicity of line and starkness of print enhances experimentation with wispy fun and surprise detailing.
For colour, Ituen opts for the intensity of forest green with slashes of orange evoking the energy and celebration of the Nigerian harvest season.
Jewels by Lisa

Jewel by Lisa (JBL) has since its origin been inspired by the 60′s. That era played a great role in the lives of Nigerians during Post colonialism as British-led dressing forever changed the way they saw clothing and the idea of the local garb.
Based on the fashion of the 60′s and the ‘Space race’, JBL has created for ‘La Dame, La Muse’ a luxurious, timeless piece that evokes a desire to reference the past whilst looking to the future. The dress, a work of art, in an Ankara print, is a celebration of independence and portrays Nigeria’s symbols of peace and vegetation through shades of white and green.
Lanre DaSilva - Ajayi 
Couture, colour and boldness are the signature of my designs. However, there is now an edgy side to my most recent collections. This special dress for Nigeria at 50 is made for a brilliant woman who knows a little bit about the seasons in fashion and bold enough to carry my creativity. I have explored new steps in fashion to create a further evolution of my brand hence my choice of lace and silk fabrics.
Rock n Roses 
This unique masterpiece carries history, value, characteristics and discovery. The style is inspired by the Benin culture where women are draped in various colourful beads, expressing a whole range of political and social subtleties beyond the merely aesthetic.
The beautiful necklace has 12 strands of gorgeous semi-precious stones in amazing colours that burst out with Nigeria’s spirit where white freshwater pearls represent our desire for peace and unity within the country and beautifully faceted peridot celebrating our lush green land and vegetation.
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Nigerians are quite patriotic don't you think??.....Lovely designs to mark Nigerias 50th Independence.

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