Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Its all About Me Today..........

  • I run my own makeup outfit which you all know is called 'TOLU MAKEOVERS'
  • I studied English Language at Lagos State University.
  • Am not single, been in a relationship for awhile now.
  • Am engaged to be married next year (so toasters back off...lol) and I would love to have 3 kids.
  • Am a sanguine in character...(atleast so I think)
  • Am a Christian.
  • When I was much younger (am still quite young), I wanted to be a DJ. Wouldn't mind being a VJ or radio presenter though...(it would be so cool)
  • I love to listen to music and I love to dance, gist, hangout with friends.
  • My best skin care line is Neutrogena...(that's what works for me)
  • Can't be caught wearing a skimpy skirt......
  • My role models in the fashion & beauty industry: Iman and Tara Fela-Durotoye...(they inspire me)
  • Best food: Amala and Ewedu soup....I can't get tired of it.
  • Best color: Black....(it goes with anything...lol)
  • Casual me: Jeans and a tank top
  • I love shoes, sandals in various shapes and designs..(wouldn't mind that as a birthday gift...lol)
  • I love perfumes...I can't do without it....my favorite would be any from Chanel or Elizabeth Arden.
  • The desire to be on top, to be a great achiever and to be a source of inspiration to others in whatever aspect in life is what gets me going everyday.
  • My greatest fear is the fear of not achieving this goal and the fear of failure.
  • Hate people that don't keep to their words and lie alot....don't make promises you can not keep, its not fair to put peoples expectation up and later dash them....
  • Would love to meet Nelson Mandela and shake hands with President Obama and Oprah someday.
  • My best words of wisdom is 'do unto others as you will have them do unto you'...(it really is as simple as it is..if we all considered one another alot of times, this country would be a better place don't you think?)
  • I do not have any regrets in life so far...I try to make sure I don't live a life of regret, everyday happens for a reason.
  • Am a Virgo born on the 7th of September 198......(should I tell?...call me if you wanna know...lol), so today officially marks my birthday..(why else do you think am talking so much about myself...lol)

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