Thursday, August 26, 2010

Steps to Beautiful Eyebrows.....

The above diagram,gives some basic guidelines for shaping and filling your eyebrows using a pencil. Every set of eyebrows are unique in their own way, but generally, try to follow your natural brow arc.

1.A vertical line from side of your nostril straight up, usually is the starting point of your eyebrow.

2. A straight line from the side of your nostril, along side the outer corner of your eye, up to your brow area, will be the finishing point of your brow. Now, if you feel the resulting brow based on the starting and ending points works, pluck the hairs that are outside of the new brow area.
Note:Don't pluck brow hair above your eyebrow.

3. The third imaginary line, will create the shape of your brow. Try to work with your natural brow shape and work in proportion to your face. Don't force a big arc where naturally is a fairly straight line. A straight line on subtle upward angle, that finishes in a soft arc over the outer third of the eye, is a formula that suits many. Every thing under that line is to be plucked (usually just strays).

If your brows are very fair and/ or sparse, you can successfully achieve eyebrow impact, with a good, well matched to your coloring, eye brow pencil. Use fine, little strokes, to create the appearance of hairs. Then use a brush to soften the lines.

You should pluck eyebrows before bedtime so any redness will disappear overnight.(especially for light skinned ladies).

Pluck each hair individually close to the root. Work in the direction of the growth.

Did you know that brows should be a little lighter than your hair color? Yes, it's true...about two shades.

So ladies lets get those brows nicely shaped for that perfect look cuz your brows add strenght and definition to your face......

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