Friday, August 20, 2010

So me just talking.......

So its a friday night and am here seated at home all alone, weird right? I mean, I could be somewhere partying the night away or catching a few movies or simply having a few drinks with friends, but rather I chose to sit down at home, listen to music and blog the night now am bored and wishing I had made other plans for the night. So friends you will all have to bear with me as I, ramble on to cure the boredom.

So what do I talk about.....Yeah that reminds me, what is it with guys this days, I mean whenever we ladies come up with a new fashion trend, before you know it, guys are wearing or doing almost thesame thing. Seriously, when we wear low neck stuffs to reveal some cleavages, trust me guys are also wearing V-neck shaped tops to reveal what I dont know exactly...(maybe some chest hair, which I wonder, whats so sexy about that?). Now we are into the skinny jeans era, am sure you have seen guys wearing those as well especially the ones with the turn up at the bottom? We wear earrings, they do as well, we weave our hair, and they do that as well, I mean what is left is for them to put on high waist skirts or more like high waist pants...(that would look ridiculous on them They even go as far as painting their nails, don't tell me you haven't seen a guy wearing cutex, I was shocked the first time I saw it aswell, thought it was only rock stars that wear them, but I saw a proper Naija guy ....well maybe he was gay, I wouldn't know, but it just felt weird for me. We carry handbags, they also have long strap bags they carry.

Well, it just shows that one way or the other we tend to rub off on each other, picking things, or characteristics or traits from one another. I guess that was the origanl intention Biblically, when God took one of mans ribs to make

Anyways guys, no offense, this is just me talking. We love you no matter whichever of our styles you decide to take aslong as they suit you. The good thing is you are not wearing lipsticks

G'night, finally decided to go sleep.....

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