Sunday, August 22, 2010

Photos of Some Miss Universe 2010 Contestants

Name: Yendi Phillipps
Country: Jamaica
Age: 24

(love her concept...)

Name: Alice Musukwa
Country: Zambia
Age: 22

Name: Janeisha John
Country: U.S. Virgin Islands
Age: 22

Name: LaToya Woods
Country: Trinidad & Tobago
Age: 24

Name: Ngozi Odalonu
Country: Nigeria
Age: 22

Name: Hellen Dausen
Country: Tanzania
Age: 23

Name: Josefina Nunez
Country: British Virgin Islands
Age: 22

Name: Braneka Bassett
Country: Bahamas
Age: 23

Name: Tirelo Ramasedi
Country: Botswana
Age: 21

Name: Lady Mina Lastra
Country: Ecuador
Age: 24

Name: Melinda Victoria Elvenes
Country: Norway
Age: 23

Miss Universe 2010 will be chosen Monday, August 23, in Las Vegas.....We are rooting for you Ngozi Odalonu......

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