Monday, August 30, 2010

Makeup Tips for the Week...........

How To Apply Blush

Many women avoid blush especially women of color, but what I have realised is, it is a very improtant aspect of beauty and it can be a beauty secret weapon if applied appropriately. The problem is, blush tends to be overused atimes. Some ladies use it to hide imperfections caused by burns or what have you. To avoid looking like a clown, try these steps to choosing blush and applying it.
Note: When applying blush, you want the color to look soft and natural, as if it comes from within.
  • Choose a color that matches your skin undertone, or you can match it with your lip color. Fair skins usually go well with colors in peach, rose, pink and dark skin plum or red.
  • There is usually a small blush brush that comes with the blush when you buy, i would advice you throw that away. Use a professional full brush instead, a brush that is designed specially for applying blush, but don't use the same brush you use for your powder.
  • Put the blush on your brush, tapping off any excess or put a dab of gel on your fingers(this applies if you are using blushe that comes in gel form).
  • Now look into the mirror and smile. This helps you figure out where the 'apple' of your cheek is. It is usually best to apply blush only on the apple of your cheeks and blend it outward.
  • It is possible you might have gone a bit too heavy on the powder blush, a bit of translucent powder over it will calm it down. For cream blush, blot the color off with a tissue. Since gel & liquid blush 'stain' the cheeks, the only way to lighten them is it wash your face, moisturize and reapply your makeup, this time more sparingly.
  • If you have two shades, apply the darker one on the apple of the cheek first, then use the lighter shade to highlight. Blend well so there is no visible line between colors.
  • Highlight your temples, forehead and chin.
  • Finish your look with a sweep of loose powder and tell me if you like what you see?......

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