Friday, August 27, 2010

Its a Countdown..........Virgo

THE Zodiacal Sign of Virgo commences on August 21st, but for seven days it does not come into its full power until on or about August 29th. From this date onwards it is in full strength until September 20th. Virgos are extremely critical thinkers who work hard to attain their desires and, perhaps, their most valuable asset is their brain and the attention they give to details. Although they are sensitive, they tend to revel in the world of logic, where they are most comfortable, only allowing those who have earned their trust into their emotional realm . . . and it’s no easy feat! They’ll eventually let you in but you have to put in the work, it’s the “virgin” in them. Because of their practical and analytical thought process, the Virgo is often the default go-to person for advice within their circle of friends and family and they effortlessly subdue a meltdown by applying rational and factual thought to melodrama. If you should capture the heart of the Virgo, you have a found a reliable friend and/or partner for life! The people in their lives often find comfort in the stability and order they offer.

Although Virgos are sharp thinkers, they do have a tendency to be overly critical, inflexible and narrow-minded. Once, they’re decided on a thought, principle or ideal it’s going to take a lifetime to try and convince them otherwise. Virgos are natural perfectionists, which is an admirable trait, but if they don’t take a realistic approach to things their fault-finding and nit-picking, judgmental nature can make them a total drag! A slob is no match for the Virgo, for they are tidy and often labeled a “neat-freak.” Everything has its place and things must be clean and orderly. Filth and nastiness, quite simply, make Virgos uncomfortable.

In the bedroom, the cool, calm and collected Virgo is hardly celibate the “virgin.” A mental connection is a must because, again, this sign likes things to be pure, so if you are lucky enough to love on Virgo, a mental connection is standard! Even though they can come across as prude or frigid, they are heavenly lovers. They like to build the experience over time! They completely destroy the “it’s never as good as the first time” theory because it gets better! Most are pleasantly surprised by their vigor. Once the Virgo is revved up, you’re not going anywhere . . . they take the slow-burn approach to their lovemaking. It’s head to toe. All or nothing. Go hard or go home. Remember, they’re perfectionist and as they peel away the layers of sensuality, they’re perfecting all the techniques and hot spots that are specific to their lover in hopes of building the perfect sexual experience. They’re quite devoted and patient lovers and failure or disappointment is not an option. If you want to impress a Virgo, you should pay close attention to details – clean sheets, clean body, clean smelling fragrances . . . all things clean!

Ultimately, Virgos are truly one of a kind and if have one in your life, things just make more sense. People who were born in this period are as a rule generally successful in life. They have keen, good intellects, are very discriminating about those with whom they associate, and in all business matters they have good judgment, and are not easily imposed upon or deceived.

So why am I talking about virgos is the question on your mind right?....well cuz obviously am a Virgo. Don't really believe in Zodiac signs, but I stumbled on this and I was quite impressed cuz it described me in alot of ways. Anyways, my birthday is coming up soon and I have some birthday gifts I want and I would put up soon...(its my blog so yes i can beg if i want

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  1. i like beats my age calculator theory hands down..but they both share somrthin you were unwilling to agree to.the fact that virgos are into details..maybe you will change ur