Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Five things women, should never joke about with their men.

  • "I think I might be into girls.": Ladies, don't act like you don't know that most guys like girls who like girls. If you are telling this little white lie to see if it turns your man on, you may be leaving him disappointed when you finally say, "just kidding." Playing with a man's sexual fantasies is like a man playing with your emotions. It's either you are into gurls or not.
  • "I'm pregnant.": This is one you don't even pull out on April Fool's Day. Depending on the reaction, this joke can leave either party hurt. If he responds with disappointment, you may end up upset that he has no interest in having kids with you. If he responds with happiness and joy, you may hurt his heart when you tell him it's not true.
  • "I think we should see other people."
    Who jokes about this? Teasing your man about wanting to break up will have have him thinking there's some truth behind the joke. You don't ever say you want to see other people when you're in a relationship unless you've thought about seeing other people. The relationship could be ruined once the joke festers in his head and he starts believing you already have.
  • "You don't satisfy me": Don't ever bruise a man's ego and say this, unless you mean it. Joking about a man's sexual performance may put your man in an insecure state, leading to other problems later in the relationship.
  • "We should get married.": More than likely if you're joking about this, you're half serious. Telling a man you are ready to get married in order to feel out where he stands might backfire on you. Even after you say you're bluffing, your man will think you're serious and he may begin to fall back from the relationship, scared to take that leap.
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So guys how true is this?...are these truly things you we shuldn't joke about?.....

Source: blackvoices

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