Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Concealer Can Be Your Best Friend

How many times has it intimidated us because we're not sure how or when to use it? There is a shade for you and a way to match your skin tone perfectly. As a makeup artist, I work will all skin tones and sometimes I have to mix colors to find the perfect shade for that face. Once applied correctly, concealer can be your best friend. Here are a few tips to making it work for you:
  • First, take a mirror and look very closely at your face. Most women have at least two tones in their skin, while some women have more and this might be due to exposure of sun or wrong cream useage. Don't be afraid to take your time and try different shades. Once blended correctly, the result is magical.
  • You want to try and find a concealer that is one shade lighter than your skin while considering your foundation shade. Try the concealer with your foundation applied on one side and also without foundation on the other side. See if your foundation is affecting the tone and whether you can wear the concealer alone. Once you have found the right shade(s), then its time to prep.
  • Make sure you mosturize under the eye properly with a good eye cream. Concealer doesn't sit well on dry skin. Do not swipe or rub in the product. The eye area is so delicate, and you don't want to welcome the wrinkles that are just waiting to make an appearance by pulling or tugging. Always use your ring finger and pat gently.
  • Your fingers are the best makeup tools, and they warm the product for a smooth easy application. Pat the product underneath the eye, and blend it down the face near your nose and then pat it back up to your outer eye (creating a filled-in triangle). You can also apply it on your brow bone and on any skin imperfections. Blend well by patting and finish with a light dusting of your favorite powder.
By using concealer correctly, you will instantly lift and brighten up your face and the result is a fresh, flawless face. So give it a try ok...........

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