Monday, July 12, 2010

Tips for choosing the right lipstick

Am sure at one point in our lives as a young woman, we wore lipsticks in the oddest of ways. Some a bit more red than usuall or too much of pink or silver, am sure you know what am talking about. I did alot of trial and error on lipstick usage as a younger woman(cuz am still But now in choosing lipsticks there are a few things we have to put into consideration, like do we want a lipstick or lipgloss, do you want a high shine lipstick and so on.

I would say you have to decide what you want your lipstick to do, and here are some simple rules you can follow to choosing the right lipstick for you:

  • Choose a color that complients your skin tone and the natural color of your lips. e.g if you are dark skined, plum or wine lipstick would go on you, and light skin, you can try shades of pink, peaches, beiges and even red.
  • Wear lighter shaded during the day time and darker at night.
  • Put into consideration your eye makeup when choosing a shade.
  • The best shade is the one that looks great on you even when you are not wearing makeup.
  • If you want just a little bit of color on your lips, you may want to go for colored lipgloss or liptint over lipstick.
  • You should also try to test the lipstick before purchase cuz it looks good in tube does not mean its the right shade for you.

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