Monday, July 12, 2010

Octopus Paul.......

Spain rules the world of football. It took them well into extra time to crack the Dutch defence, in what was a true battle of attrition, but Andres Iniestas' powerful drive gave Spain the World Cup glory for the first time and condemned the Netherlands to their third defeat in a final.

Ok so the world cup madness has finally come to an end, no more issues on vuvuzela's and Octopus Paul(whom I would very much like to meet). When our Naija guys left I was rooting for Ghana, but unfortunately Ghana didnt pull through......the match between Spain and Netherlands?....Omg, it was a game of survival, so many Yellow cards were flying in the air, I was seriously excpecting a Red card.

Am beginning to think it won't be a bad idea to have Octopus Paul to come to Nigeria and help predict with alot of things, would we ever have PHCN give us uninterrupted power supply?...who would win the next election come 2011.....would I be a millionaire in the next few

Anyways, I enjoyed the worldcup and yes you might be wondering what does Makeup have to do with sef I don't know o...but am just gisting, blogging, talking, ranting what have you...

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